Book Review – Persuasive Preaching

Growing up I didn’t hear a lot of preachers until I was 17, but once I started to listen I was hooked, now I love preaching, listening to others preach, reading sermons, and about different preaching techniques. R. Larry Overstreet has written Persuasive Preaching: A Biblical and Practical Guide to the Effective Use of Persuasion and what a treat it is for this homiletics nerd.

Over the years I have noticed that larger churches have very little in the way of persuasive preaching and Mr. Overstreet has apparently noticed this as well. He lays out a program for studying this much neglected style of preaching and how to get yourself prepared to present persuasive messages. The word studies alone are worth the cost of the book.

Do you want better results from the messages you preach then you should apply the information in  the book to your preparation it is good Godly advise.



Bro. Martin

Book Review – The Foundation of Communion with God

This book is one in a series of books published by Reformation Heritage Books. This book is part of a series called Profiles In Reformed Spirituality, which I have had the pleasure of reading each one that they offer.

Their latest offering is The Foundation of Communion with God by Ryan McGraw. The focus of the book is the Trinitarian Piety of John Owen. I have read several of John Owen’s works, so it was with great gusto that I dove into this short tome. Owen is the best representative of Puritan doctrine that we have as he has the largest number of books available today.

If you want a great study of the trinity and how our worship and daily life is effected by this doctrine please read this book.



Bro. Martin

James the Just: A Book Review

I love reading the Bible and learning new things that make the Bible come alive as I am studying. In this respect I find commentaries very fascinating because of the wide-range of views presented; whether they be denominational, personal, pastoral, critical, what have you.

James the Just: Presents Applications of Torah is one of those commentaries that makes you stop and read … slowly. This commentary if from the perspective of the Messianic Jewish Community and the first one that I have read with an emphasis on the Jewishness of the New Testament. I was thoroughly engrossed from the first page to the very end and would highly recommend that everyone read this commentary.

You can find James the Just here.

Book Review – Biblical Portraits of Creation

I was very excited when I had the opportunity to read this book. Why? I love reading the Old Testament, especially when it comes to creation and all its wonder and grandeur. The other factor in this equation would be that the book was written by Walker C. Kaiser Jr. Whenever I see his name I take notice because it was his books that got me interested in Old Testament studies. Biblical Portraits of Creation was far from what many would expect from the pen of this man, who is better known for his scholarly works, but it was well worth the read.

There are so many things that I appreciated in this book. Let me start with Dr. Kaiser’s introduction of Dr. Little. Since I did not know who he was it was wonderful to find a brief yet meaningful introduction to this man. Another thing I appreciated was the scope of the audience for which it is intended, layman and minister alike. The added feature of giving outline and study guide material is fantastic and makes this book a great resource for those who are getting their feet wet in the Old Testament or those of us who want to take a fresh look at it through the eyes of trusted friends.

So after enjoying this book I can say that you should as well. You can purchase a copy here.


Bro Martin

Monday Musing

Yesterday was a most dreary day, with its clouds, rain and thunder. Fortunately, the rain was enough to melt the snow and reveal a lush green carpet at my feet. As the day progressed the clouds moved off and sparingly appeared across the sky at dusk as wispy fan strokes on a navy blue sky. This brought my mind to tinkering with the notion that life is much like those fluffy, faint clouds journey to the horizon only to dissipate at a place unseen and unknown from my perspective. But the wonders of this day were yet to truly begin; for as I walked out after dark the moon was glowing brightly with its blue-white light, when suddenly one of those clouds passed in front of it.

I marveled as this translucent formation suddenly changed. I thought that this would be a fantastic night for a hand-in-hand walk along the timberline. Yet I was once more drawn to that white luminescence. It appeared that the cloud had suddenly gone into slow motion once the beams of reflection touched it. Instead of getting darker, the moisture intensified the light creating a halo around the moon behind it. Yet the halo was incomplete. It broke off as the jagged edges of the cloud could no longer support it. Though fractured, the circular prismatic colors stretched out toward me.

The blue-white light had transformed into a brilliant white that filtered through the cloud; it was as bright as the morning sun. Its edges becoming violet, indigo, blue, and finally fading out into green were transfixing; as if it lured me through some unheard siren’s song. The combination of cloud and moon were no longer two entities, having morphed into one beacon across the vast dark space. Yet within this darkness there was a sensation of warmth.

Laus Deo

Jonah through Devotional Eyes

Shepherd Press has release a devotional commentary on the book of Jonah. It is written by Barukh  Ma’oz entitled Prophet on the run : devotional commentary on the Book of Jonah. I was provided a copy in return for a review from Cross Focused Reviews.

The book of Jonah is very short in and of itself, but many of the commentaries tend to have us wading through swampland in order to find the nuggets that we need for our spiritual growth and to share with others. Thankfully, this book is not one of those. The author has stayed true to the course he set out on and that is to write a devotional commentary.

The contents of the book are as follows:

1: Jonah Tries to Escape
2: The Prophet Asleep and Ensnared
3: Jonah Takes Responsibility for His Actions
4: The Prophet Repents
5: Jonah Prophesies in Nineveh
6: Jonah Prophesies in Nineveh
7: Jonah Prophesies in Nineveh

Anyone could work through this book in one week easily; as each chapter is short in length. But that is not to say that the content is short on teaching. This book is though-provoking and will make the most impact if you concern everything the author presents in bite-sized pieces.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about their own Christian walk. It would also be a great resource for a small group or even a Sunday school class. You can also go to the author’s page and find other books that he has written as well.

You can purchase a copy here.


Until next time. Blessings!